APPS: Advanced Equine Reproductive Ultrasound

  • Fetal sexing
  • Twin Diagnosis
  • Ovarian Disease
  • Uterine Disease
  • High quality images
  • High quality video

Advanced Equine Reproductive Ultrasound is an illustrated guide to advanced techniques of the reproductive tract of the mare. Fetal sexing is covered in great detail. Twelve different sets of still images and videos are used to illustrate fetal sexing at both 55-70 days and 110-140 days in both male and female foals. Identification of twins is described and illustrated at 14 days, 18 days, 21 days and in advanced pregnancy. The rare occurrence of triplets is also shown. Twin reduction, ovarian diseases and uterine diseases round out this complete App for veterinarians.

An excellent text book on the subject would have informative text and a large number of high quality ultrasound images. The App has all of this. However, in addition, the App has high quality video presenting the user with a more true to life situation comparable to the real-time ultrasound which is the basis of modern day equine reproduction practice.