Update now available

Equine Drugs 3.0 is now available from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The update is, of course, free for existing users. We hope that horse vets everywhere find the update and the App useful. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming in and we will try and incorporate them in future updates. The Android version of Equine Drugs will be updated very soon.

Equine Drugs Update

Our latest update to our App, Equine Drugs has been completed and submitted to Apple for review. The Android version is also being updated. This update includes several new drugs and drug dosages, with a focus on reproductive drugs. It also includes FEI and EHSLC detection times. The iPad and iPhone App has been updated for iOS6 and the iPhone 5.

2 new apps released

Two new free Apps have just been released by Veterinary Advances.

Written by a team from Vets Now, the leading provider of emergency pet care in the UK, Dog CPR is designed for use by veterinary professionals and students. The App features step by step instructions on how to perform CPR in the dog. Delivering chest compressions or breaths either too fast or too slow is a common reason for poor outcomes in CPR. The American Heart Association recommends humming the Bee Gees hit ‘Staying Alive’ to help time compressions. For those vets with an eversion to 70s disco hits, or who are too young to remember this classic, the App contains a rhythm guide with an audible beat to follow timing breaths and compressions exactly. As we all know dogs come in very different shapes and sizes, but it is essential that emergency drugs are given at exactly the right dose rate. Few people can accurately calculate mg/kg fast enough in life threatening situations. To ensure rapid, accurate dosing the App has a complete table of emergency drugs and by simply choosing the weight of the patient at the top of the screen the App will automatically adjust doses into the correct volume to administer.

Sadly many foals die or suffer brain damage because they are born not breathing. Rapid intervention to get the foal breathing and to re-start the heart if necessary can save lives and prevent/limit life threatening brain damage. Usually mares foal unattended by veterinarians. If the foal is in trouble, by the time a veterinarian can be called for advice (let alone arrive) it is often too late. To combat these sad and unnecessary deaths, Veterinary Advances Ltd has released Foal CPR. This App contains dual instructions. A complete set of instructions, pictures and video for owners on what to do immediately until the veterinarian arrives and for veterinarian’s, notes, pictures and video on advanced life saving techniques. For everyone our rhythm guide for the accurate delivery of compressions and breaths is included. Be prepared and prepare your clients for a successful breeding season in 2013.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Download these two life-saving Apps now.

Now available for android

By popular demand our flag ship App ‘Equine Drugs’ is now available for android phones. We know that many android users are concerned about the function of Apps on their phones, but so far ‘Equine Drugs’ has been just as successful in this format as its Apple counterpart. Veterinary Advances are always open to feedback. If you would like to see other Apps in our series adapted to the Android format please let us know and tell us the make/model of phone you use.  For more information on ‘Equine Drugs’ or to download the android version, go to the App page for ‘Equine Drugs’ on this web site.

FREE downloads available

Veterinary Advances Ltd goal is to make sure that as many animal health care professionals and animal owners can access first class veterinary information as possible. We realise that not every App is available in universal format and that not everyone has access to a smart phone. With this in mind we plan to release a number of free download fact sheets through our web site. The first two are available now. A foal CPR flow chart for CPR by veterinarians and a foal CPR flow chart for owners can now be downloaded. Downloads on feline ophthalmology, equine medicine and canine intensive care are coming soon. Follow us on linked in, Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with the latest information available from Veterinary Advances.