Free Downloads

As a service to our visitors, we have the following free downloads available:

1) Flowchart detailing CPR of the newborn foal for veterinarians
2) Flowchart detailing CPR of the newborn foal for owners and stud personnel
3) Approach to the Carpal Flexor Sheath (veterinarians and veterinary students)
4) How to place a lateral thoracic catheter in horses (veterinarians and veterinary students)
5) Notes on Corneal Sequestration in Cats (veterinarians and veterinary students)
6) Notes on flexed skyline view of the calcaneus and sustentaculum tali (veterinarians and veterinary students)
7) Notes on equine pregnancy diagnosis 17-20 days (veterinarians and veterinary students)

To download this material, you will be required to fill out the form below to give us your details. Please check back as we will be adding to the available downloads regularly.


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